Some stuffs should riot improve.

-1- The first loading screen if you got 1 friend it will load up so fast like 10 seconds. if you got 300 friend it will take 10 years to load up . -2- Match accept high load of cpu sometimes you accept and the button freeze . -3- the pick and ban face . this place where a lot of cpu loading while sometimes you are unable to pick or band a champ . the high load of cpu make it hard to focus and you delay in picking and the countdown freeze and you get that famous error unexpected error. -4- the search for a champ or a ban. high load of cpu make the research delay in response . -5- FPS drops. even there was a small fix for fps drops there are still fps drops and freezing so small . its small freeze but its creep thing and make the game unplayable. these days the freeze back. and about the voice chat the mute option you should add a button for it or remove the auto mute its annoying and buggy. the voice chat its get disconnected alone if you are disconnected from the net and you cant bring it back on. and the quality of the voice is 5/10
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