Mac Announcement + Bug Thread

>#What's Happening?! Last year Apple announced that it would stop supporting and bar all 32-bit applications from running on their latest operating systems sometime in 2019. We didn’t want to abandon our loyal Mac players so we’re shipping the shiny new 64-bit version of League to PBE. >#What do I have to do? Nothing! The client will hit PBE after 2pm PST today - all you have to do is log in and patch and you should automatically be able to start playing. To verify if you're on the 64-bit version look in the bottom left hand corner during the loading screens for text that says "Mac Beta Version (64-bit)". >#Yay! Now What? We know the Mac user experience has been pretty spotty in the past and we truly apologize and thank everyone for your patience and support. For this update we’re also planning on diving in and fixing some long standing issues as well as improving overall quality of life. We’d really appreciate it if everyone could help with reporting anything you come across following the guidelines posted [here]( We’ll be monitoring and updating this thread frequently so please check back often! Thank you! --- #Known Issues: * End of game Defeat/Victory animation is a static image * Cannot take screenshots with fn + F12
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