Zoe - Sound Error

Zoe - Sound Error
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While playing Zoe I was jump scared by an error in the sound during the sequence of ability casts in the linked video. I found this while playing a Custom by myself on Summoner's Rift and while using the Cyber Pop Zoe skin. Also, I must warn anyone planning on testing this, the sound error was an extremely loud screeching sound. This is why I described it as a jump scare, I had my sound set quite low and yet the sound that went through my headset was near deafening so ensure that you're careful while testing. Testing Steps: 1. Select and use Cyber Pop Zoe. 2. Launch Q away from yourself. 3. Before the second cast of Q, land your E on a champion. 4. Redirect Q to hit the champion hit by your E. 5. Ultimate towards the enemy champion and auto-attack them.
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