Pyke Q - Bone Skewer Pushing People Away

Pyke's Held Q can sometimes push people across walls instead of pulling them towards him. While 1v1ing one of my friends with Pyke we found that casting Bone Skewer while standing against a wall it is possible to push an enemy pyke instead of pulling him. This seems to only occur when Pyke is standing immediately adjacent to a wall and casting Bone Skewer at an angle from the wall. Here's a video of us testing the interaction on different walls with varying success: A map of the bugged spots that we found in the video: Unfortunately we weren't able to test to see if this bug occurs with other champions however, when I attempted to replicate this in a training mode game with a dummy it didn't seem to work. In addition to this some walls seems to cause the Q to behave irregularly, pulling people over them at odd angles. _Testing steps_ 1. Have both players select Pyke. 2. Level Q 3. Have Pyke stand against a wall 4. Cast Q at other Pyke 5. Other Pyke will go over the wall instead of being pulled towards you

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