Loading Screen Crash Megathread

Hello everyone! We need your help identifying a root cause for a loading screen crash that we've been seeing lately. The symptoms of this bug manifest itself as reaching 100% in the loading screen but never actually loading into the game due to the client freezing. If this has happened to you or you are able to reproduce it we'd like to gather some information by doing the following: * Preemptively enable the `Always On Top` option in Task Manager > Options before starting any games https://imgur.com/a/ZvQQm5S * While the client is frozen open the Task Manager (if you are able to) * Right click the League Game Client and select Create Crash Dump (2-3 would be ideal) https://imgur.com/a/Deyr5FK * Navigate to where the file was saved and upload it to a file sharing service like google drive * Share your link here This is not exclusive to PBE, if you or know of others that have encountered this issue on live, feel free to share your crash dump in this thread as well. Thank you!
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