Essence Reaver still bugged on Fiora maybe others?

I was testing Essence Reaver on Fiora on Target dummys in the practice tool and about 70% of the time it seems Essence Reavers "Essence Flare" does not activate when I ult. It doesn't go on cool down and it does not give the "Essence Flare" buff. Possibly related to the refresh all cool down button but I'm not 100% sure on that. To reproduce go into the practice tool and ult the target dummy a few times and it will not activate Essence Flare some of the time. I'll have to test it in a game to make sure its not just the practice tool or the auto refresh CDs button. Edit 1: Also Fioras Q Lunge does not appear to proc Essence Flare for itself. It reduces her other spells CDs but when you land a Q it doesn't reduce the CD of Q. I feel like it should?
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