Vel'koz ult causes frame rate lag for me.

I was playing {{champion:121}} and every time vel'koz used his ult my frames would drop for about one to two minutes. This also happened when I played {{champion:55}}. these are the only champs I have played so I don't know if it is happening to any others. I also don't know if it's just me or if anyone else is getting it. Please comment saying if it happens to you. [edit] I just played a game without a vel'koz and the lag seems to still happen but only in burst and I think it might be when someone uses an ult. My theory now is that the first person on the tab list is the one that causes the lag. everyone game it was the first person on the tab list's ult that caused the lag. for me anyway. I do also want to mention that I don't ever get frame rate lag until now so it's not just my computer.

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