Pantheon Rework Bug Reports

Greetings! I'm Riot Koyuncu and one of the QA members on the Champion team. Hope everyone is enjoying the Pantheon VGU that's currently on PBE! The champion is about to officially release in two weeks, and we're looking to fix any major bugs that PBE players discover before he mandrops to the Live environment. If you stumble upon something strange related to Pantheon in your games, please let the team know by leaving a comment in the thread or using the "Report a Bug" tool on the left. This can be anything ranging from strange SFX/VFX to incorrect behavior or interactions with his abilities. As always, detailed information (e.g. bug repro steps or video clips) are very helpful at helping us fix issues before release. Thanks everyone! - Mikky {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}

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