Multi-Kills not counting properly

I just played a normal and got 2 double kills instead of a quadra kill, even though the champion I got the double kill from died only <5 seconds before I killed the other 2. If my explanation wasn't clear enough I'll try to explain it this way: \*kills champion **A**\* 3-5 seconds later \*kills champion **A** (double kill)* 3-5 seconds later \*kills champion **C** (dominating)* 3-5 seconds later \*kills champion **D** (double kill)* I can't say the exact time period between the double kill and the kill on champion C, but I'm certain it was less than 5 seconds, because I killed champion C right away. I tried to watch the replay of the match to see the exact time period, but I'm getting an error when I click on "Watch Replay". I hope Riot will take a closer look into this.

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