Manamune on varus selling for 0 gold

While playing a game as varus i realized that manamune just wasnt essential on him with the new runes, just as easy to build an essence reaver while using arcane comet and transcendence, building youmuus, deaths dance, duskblade, rfc, and bereserker greaves. Ad ends up higher and crit chance is never a bad thing. when i finished muramana extensive charge time on varus it sold for 0 gold. 1. build runes arcane comet nullifying orb transcendence scorch with legend alacrity, presence of mind 2. pick varus 3. build out manamune fully into muramana 4. sell to shop for 0 gold i'm not sure if this is intended but considering manamune sells for 1680 gold it seems a bit fishy

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