[Bug] Nocturne Ultimate doesnt properly chase the target

[PBE] League of Legends, Nocturne Ultimate Bug
When Nocturne uses his ultimate to the target, if this one leave the place where he was, Nocturne will not follow the target and will stop on the same position where he used the skill, meaning theres no chase when the target runs away. Recorded in PBE, Patch v8.24, 2/12
**Description:** When Nocturne ults an enemy champion, if this one has a high speed and leave the place where Nocturne ulted the target, it will stop at the same spot where the enemy champion was, meaning theres no chase. **Steps:** 1. Pick Nocturne as allied and any champ who has a high movespeed skills (such as Rammus, Hecarim, etc...) 2. Get to level 6 and ult the enemy champion. As an enemy, youll have to run away as fast as possible when Nocturne is coming after you 3. Nocturne will stop at the same position (or very close to it) where he clicked the enemy champion to use the ultimate **Comments:** - This bug may be affected as well with champions with leaps and jumps such as Tristana W or Leblanc W, meaning that Nocturne cant have a good chase-up to those targets. - If Nocturne is relatevely close to the target, the target will receive damage from the ultimate, but Nocturne will not be on the same spot. This applies that if the target is far away, it doesnt receive damage from the ultimate **Videos:** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAxu7rJNE4k Credit to "Ate my OWN A55" for finding that out
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