[New Items] Essence Reaver Overrides Taric Passive

Summoner's Rift, All tests done in Training mode, Independent of skins The cooldown portion of [Taric]'s passive does not apply correctly to Taric's Q and other abilities when he auto attacks with bravado if he purchased [Essence Reaver]. **To reproduce:** {{champion:44}} + {{item:3508}} >1 Enter a game as Taric and purchase Essence Reaver 2 Use Q and auto attack while bravado is active (You do not need to use your ultimate to cause this bug) 3 The cooldown on Taric's abilities are only granted one second off per bravado enhanced auto. **Additional Notes:** >-Some weird stuff happens with Taric's Q, I think it uses the stack cooldown as the ability cooldown. I had it work differently depending on level. -Bravado's damage applies normally -Essence Reaver's mana restore applies normally -Essence Reaver's attackspeed buff applies normally on cast of ultimate -His ability cooldowns are still reduced by purchasing cdr -At a glance Ezreal's Q cooldown mechanic works correctly Sorry I couldn't test in a real mode (and obtain a recording), but please contact me regardless if you have any more questions or comments on how to better format reports. Have a nice day! ~~___________________________________________________________________~~ **Update (5/2/18):** ~~-Bug no longer exists, both unique passives (1%mana restore and "Essence flair" attackspeed buff with cooldown restore) on Essence Reaver are non functional or have been disabled. Tested champions (Kogmaw, Taric), it might just be disabled administratively for some bug fixing. ~~ **Update (5/3/18):** -Bug is slightly different, unique passive mana restore on hit is still non-functional, while the Essence flair attack speed buff seems to be working as intended. -The new version of the bug is that during the duration of the essence flair buff, bravado empowered autos will grant Taric's Q stacks and restore the base amount of cooldown, but not make those stacks available to cast after the minimum cooldown period. It still uses the charge cooldown as the ability cooldown. >1 Enter a game as Taric and purchase an Essence Reaver 2 Level up to six (bug is more noticeable if you max q first but that's not necessary) and cast your ultimate activating Essence Flair. 3 Press Q and use your bravado empowered autos (you can continue rotating through spell and auto attacks, and the bug persists through the duration of the essence flair buff) -If you recreate the buff continue using your spells and autos until the essence flair buff expires and Taric's q will resume normal functionality for comparison.
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