Help! Bug in Zoe E and Syndra W Interaction

Hi all! So today I was playing (badly) as syndra against zoe. I discovered this bug when I picked up a minion with my W. Before I could throw it, zoe hit me with her E, and I fell asleep. After the CC was over, I was still dragging the minion behind me BUT I could not throw it anymore. I don't have enough memory to provide screen shots from a game download, so I'm asking for some help! It would be great if you could follow the reproduction steps below and take screenshots of it, since I can't! Reproduction Steps: -Get a friend to play as Zoe in a custom game with you. -Pick up a minion -Have them hit you with Zoe's E -See what happens Tell me what you think! Bye {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}

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