Assassins Bug Reporting Thread

Hey All, While you are out and about getting pentakills with the Assassins you may notice a bug or two (Not {{champion:121}} Kha' Zix he is Working as Intended), if that does happen please let us know here. Any oddities reported help us track down problems with these updates and ultimately ship them in a much cleaner state. We are aware of some issues with fixes currently underway, but don't let this deter you from throwing reports at us! The current Assassins Roster is as follows: {{champion:7}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:107}}{{champion:91}} With the Mini Updates being: {{champion:105}}{{champion:238}} {{champion:121}}{{champion:84}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:245}} Thanks y'all for the help! You da best (>")> Bes b .
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