i got drop hacked

i don't really have evidence that it happened, but all the symptoms happened. I was just playing a game as fizz, and i was doing pretty good. 9-3 by the midgame despite my rough lane against an Aatrox. it was a pretty close game too 30-29 TK and the game coulda gone either way. However, the Aatrox i had Laned against was really salty and was "Calling me out" on playing fizz, most likely because i'd managed to outplay him 5 times in a row during the mid lane phase. I hate to point fingers, and i dont have the guys user name, but im pretty sure it was him. I had taken him down to a point of dominance to him going 3-7 in a matter of 20 minutes and that would explain why he might have wanted to end the game with a Drop hack
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