[Yorick] - Mist Walkers + The Black Cleaver possible bug

When several mist walkers attack the same target at once they only apply a single stack of {{item:3071}} . Is it intended? Steps To Reproduce: In the practice tool, * Purchase a {{item:3071}} * Raise mist walkers by killing a camp (so they won't mindlessly go with the lane) * Place 2 target dummies * Walk next the first so the mist walkers would crowd together and start attacking it * Hit the second target dummy with your E Expected Result: The target dummy would immediately get applied with 3/4 correlating with the amount of mist walkers Actual result: The mist walkers attack simultaneously, and only apply a single stack of {{item:3071}} I tried it several times, and it seems like when the mist walkers attack separately, each apply a stack, but when at least a sub-group of them are synced , the group's joint attack only apply a single stack, Which, IMO, in case this isn't a bug, feels very unintuitive.

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