Some Conqueror strange interactions

1. Pets' (shaco R, ivern R, annie R) basic attacks do not stack Conqueror not even once. They do however stack it once with their ability damage (Shaco's R explosion, Ivern R's knockup, Annie R's dot area of damage). The only Pet ability that doesn't stack it, would be Morde's ghost, i think. 3. Shaco's passive makes him get 2 stacks with one hit. The same doesn't happen on Darius for example. 4. Area of damage abilities now trigger Conqueror's true damage to non-primary / closest targets with the triggering ability. 5. Illaoi's W does the same thing, but to her attack target. Maybe for the same reason her W triggers bone plating and deals reduced damage because of it with one attack? The ability damage triggers it, and the basic attack damage gets the true damage / deals reduced damage from bone plating. 6. Sometimes Illaoi's tentacles do not give stacks. If she W-Es, one tentacle attack will give a stack. If she E-Ws, no tentacle attack gives stacks. From a E-R-W combo she only gets 2 stacks, from the R and W, even if tentacles slammed 10 times. 7. Mordekaiser's R refreshes the stack duration without adding additional ones, but doesn't refresh Conqueror's second effect (the 10% healing + true damage one). Because of this, his last 2 seconds won't be affected (because Conqueror finishes after the 8th second). 8. Some other dots like Gankplank and Darius' passives don't refresh Conqueror.
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