SG Xayah's Face

I'm posting here because new comments and feedback are getting lost in all the light chroma feedback on the official SG Xayah feedback thread and nobody seems to care about anthing else. So I wanted to get some other opinions on this. One thing I always liked about Xayah was her unique face. Legendary skins are supposed to be an upgrade in the appearance and model, but I feel like SG Xayah's face was ripped straight from SG Jinx and looks nothing like her. I'd really love for Riot to rework her face a bit so it looks more Xayah. Currently her nose looks too pointed, her lips and eyebrows are too thin. As a second smaller gripe, I think her hair looked better and more iconic when her bangs were parted over the left side of her face. Currently it looks like shes had a bit of a bad haircut. Here are some references: Original: SSG: Star Guardian:
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