Rioters PLS answer this

000000.000| ALWAYS| Logging started at 2018-05-01T20:50:20.244 000000.006| ALWA -
000029.400| ALWAYS| CFG| Command Line: "8394" "LeagueClient.exe" "/path" " 5209 mIc/dDYgDKeBL/MIK9YiMg== 2173811946" "-PlayerID=2173811946" "-GameID=104079452" "-UseRads" "-EnableLNP=2-104019170-114019170" "-RiotClientPort=52065" "-RiotClientAuthToken=KS5GtMxPSLBWHl4wF7FVoQ"
I still waiting a answer for the problem that i have since two weeks. I published my pastebin post. In a couple of days would be able the new champ and if i still whit this problem, i wasnt be able to play it. PD: In a conversation between a user and Rioter AFIC I comment my pastebin post but i dont have answers. []( [](

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