[Match Not Ending] Victory/Defeat Screen Does Not Appear

Woohoo, first PBE post! So today I was playing some beginner bot games while waiting for my account to go to 30 and noticed this annoying bug. At the end of each round, the enemy nexus would explode and the announcer would say "Victory," but the victory screen and continue button would not appear and the game would basically be stuck. Interestingly, I could still open up the shop and press tab, but the screen stayed locked on the blown up nexus and the game would not end. As a result, I have to manually exit the game in order to get to the end game screen, upon which I get a bugsplat. This has happened every game so far and it's a bit annoying because I don't get a chance to talk to my teammates at the end of the round and sometimes I don't even get to see the end game stats (not that it matters all that much in bots lol). Since I haven't noticed anyone else post about this I'm not too sure how to reproduce it or what's causing it since it's happened to me every game for no explainable reason. I've attached an r3d log from my most recent game, too, if it helps.
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