[INFO REQUEST] "Unexpected plataform error"

Hi, If you're currently receiving the "Unexpected platform error" notice when you try to log in, please post your summoner name here. Thank you! Fei **11:31 PST Update:** We have attempted a potential fix, let us know if you're still having the issue once PBE is back up. **12:12 PST Update:** The PBE is back up and the bug should be fixed. Make sure to close the client and patch up, then let us know if you still see the same error. **12:44 PST Update:** Investigations continue, thanks again for your assistance and patience. **13:32 PST Update: **We're bringing the platform down in a few minutes to roll out a fix. **15:05 PST Update: **This should now be fixed! Again, if you're still seeing it, let us know.
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