Wait time wrong??

Something doesn't seem right. http://newkung.net/nighthawk/2810C4-sx.png http://newkung.net/nighthawk/2811J4-sx.png I posted the top one in discord at 2:32 am and I look and it has only doped by 1 hour and 44 mins I sould be at 14 Hours and 39 Mins Ill take another screen shot Here http://newkung.net/nighthawk/2812K1-sx.png I waited to play this since it said 27 hours Can I plz get into a game I have already waited for?? Like i got to play one game after waiting 10 hours and the game decided to die on me I would like to ~~beable~~ (Be able) to play it but I guess that is not going to happen. [EDIT] > _**I really do not want to have to restart the que. **_ > _**It seem as if I either have to wait for the game to fully release or wait another 20+ hours.**_

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