[Mages and You!] URF has been Enabled for Testing!

Hello Summoners! ^_^ URF has been enabled on PBE for testing! Here&#039;s what&#039;s been added since the last time you&#039;ve played: * Taliyah * All Mage Updates * Anivia * Annie * Brand * Cassiopeia * Fiddlesticks * Malzahar * Swain * Syndra * Vel&#039;Koz * Vladimir * Ziggs * Zyra Additionally, we&#039;ve made some balance changes to a few champions, namely: * Sona * Her base shield scaling is reduced by 50%. * [Coming tomorrow] Her heal is now only reduced by 60% cooldown. * Galio * His shield is now only reduced by 60% cooldown. * Thresh * [Coming tomorrow] For every 1 soul, Thresh now gains 3 souls! **AND! We have a major bug fix :D** * URF Gold Generation stops ticking at increased rate after 12 minutes * This has been fixed! Thank you all for your reports ! <3
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