[4.1] Verified bug reports (Updated Jan 7)

Verified bug reports are issues that have gone through Riot’s internal process and are ready for prioritization and development. For example, if a tester reports that Caitlyn’s traps are knocking players into the air, we'll internally reproduce the issue and also make a sweep to see if all Snare effects are affected before starting work on a fix for the issue. Every bug on this list has been verified, but the list doesn’t reflect how bugs are prioritized against each other or whether or not they've been fixed. **Keep in mind that some bugs may take a few patches to resolve.** For more information on our goals for this thread, [check out this discussion](http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/bugs/o5OG3spX-improving-how-we-communicate-about-your-bug-reports). - - - **Jan 7:** We've returned from break and are in the process of working through the reports you submitted while we were out. Update to follow! *(Because of the issues from the 3.15 cycle, we've encountered some delays in populating the new list. Please bear with us as we catch up to you!)* {{champion:86}} **Garen** * Steel Legion Garen does not display visual effects for **Judgment** (E) {{champion:222}} **Jinx** * ~~Enemies can be snared by multiple **Flame Chompers** (E)~~ {{champion:117}} **Lulu** * The ally-cast shield from **Help, Pix!** (E) appears too high on champion models {{champion:75}} **Nasus** * The buff icon for **Siphoning Strike** (Q) stacks resets to 0 after reconnecting to a game (bonuses are unaffected). Gaining further stacks restores the icon to the actual stack count. {{champion:16}} **Soraka** * ~~Extra particles for the Liandry's Torment debuff appear far in front of Soraka when she is affected~~ {{champion:17}} **Teemo** * ~~When enemies afflicted by **Toxic Shot** (E) disappear into the fog of war until Toxic Shot's debuff expires, the particle effects will persist when the enemies reappear, even though they are no longer debuffed.~~ {{champion:412}} **Thresh** * ~~**Dark Passage** (W) fails to activate properly~~ {{champion:157}} **Yasuo** * **Flow** (Passive resource) is not properly labelled/displayed in various in-game menus * ~~**Steel Tempest** (Q) whirlwind proc doesn't change to a circular AoE when cast in combination with **Sweeping Blade** (E)~~ * ~~The 'deflect' particle and sound effects of **Wind Wall** (W) trigger off of nearby enemy ward placement (the wards behave normally)~~ * Enemies who attempt to purge the crowd control from **Last Breath** (R) become unable to move or autoattack until they die or are displaced by an ability (ally/enemy champion abilities, Recall, Teleport, Flash) * Cleanse and the active effect of Mikael's Crucible do not trigger this bug {{champion:154}} **Zac** * When Zac enters enemy vision by moving out of brush by quickly activating **Elastic Slingshot** (E) on an enemy champion while a movement command (right-click, attack-move) is active, the enemy will see Zac rapidly run out of the bush instead of the proper Elastic Slingshot visual effects. - - - **Items** * ~~**Rabadon's Deathcap** can be "activated" and go on cooldown. This has no gameplay effect.~~ * ~~The total cost of **Zeke's Herald** is incorrectly listed as 2450 gold (actual cost: 2550 gold)~~ * ~~Particles for the Spoils of War passive on **Relic Shield**, **Targon's Brace** and **Face of the Mountain** persist on champion models through death~~ - - - **Summoner Spells** * **Smite** * When selected as the second Summoner Spell (default F), using Smite after the first cast also increases the cooldown on the first Summoner Spell (default D) to 40 seconds if it was on a shorter cooldown or off-cooldown. * When selected as the second Summoner Spell, Smite's icon will appear to "stack" every 40 seconds, displaying the total number of stacks (no gameplay effect) **Masteries** * ~~In-game buff icon for **Spell Weaving** (Offensive tier 3) doesn't match its Mastery icon~~ * At some screen resolutions, several Mastery tooltips continuously switch between a few positions rapidly. **AIR Client** * The trade popup in Champion Select does not correctly display, preventing trades from being accepted or declined. This locks both players out of further trade requests * In ARAM, this also prevents affected players from rerolling their champions * ~~End-of-game 'Grid' and 'Graph' tabs aren't clickable~~ * ~~The Summoner profile tab of the AIR client becomes locked on the profile of the first summoner you search for~~ * Replay files of matches lasting longer than 7 minutes are universally flagged as 'Private', preventing anyone from viewing them (including the player who owns the file) * ~~In the store, Winter Wonder Lulu, High Noon Yasuo, Officer Vi, Sultan Gangplank, and Haunted Zyra are listed under "Miscellaneous" when filtered by champion instead of being associated with the correct champion~~ **In-Game Options** * Assigning ALT-G as a hotkey prevents the Options window from being closed * Mouse scroll speed settings have no effect in the Mac client **Game Modes** * ~~Health regeneration particles linger around Riven for roughly the first half-minute of the game on Twisted Treeline~~ * The turret range indicator for the fountain in Dominion is too large **Custom games** * Enemy champions are periodically visible through the fog of war (both on camera and on the minimap) in Custom games with bots present * Several Greek strings related to Custom Game options and descriptions don't fit in the alloted space
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