Akali W Placement Inconsistencies/QOL?

I was testing out some Akali combos in sandbox mode and while doing so, I noticed some weird things with the new W. The coding on the bomb itself inconsistent, or could at least use some improvement. When using W directly on top of a champion, the bomb model will spawn beside the player model, and the smoke will be off center (50-100 units.) My guess is that the small bomb model that spawns when using shroud is coded as a minion with spawn collision. Additionally, when using W on top of Akali herself, the shroud will spawn even further away (about 1/3 the diameter of baron pit.) This essentially gives the new W a minimum cast range. Whatever the case is, you cannot shroud directly on top of champions. If this is intentional I don't know why it would be. Why should you not be able to put the smoke bomb itself, something that untargetable and worthless gameplay-wise at a champions feet, but other small models like Cait, Nid, and Jhin traps, can be? Thank you for your time.
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