[MORDEKAISER] - Interaction with Lich Bane\Dragon Clone interaction with turrets

EDIT: More bugs The third hit on Mordekaiser's Q does not apply the Lich Bane effect. Not sure if intended or not, but it seems like a bug, as nothing is stated in the tool top. Repro steps: 1. Buy lich bane on Mordekaiser and use Q, use your first 2 hits. First hit will apply lich bane (so will second if you wait and use a spell to refresh the effect). 2. Activate a spell so you have the Lich Bane effect, and hit a minion, champion or monster. The lich bane effect will not apply. EDIT: Does not apply ANY spellblade effects. - - Titanic Hydra does not work properly with Mordekaiser Q (and other champs? not sure) Repro steps: 1. Buy titanic hydra 2. Activate Q 3. If Q kills target, it SOMETIMES doesn't proc the Titanic Hydra passive - - Dragon's Clone deals %HP damage to turrets. Repro steps: 1. Kill dragon and make him into a clone 2. Have dragon attack a Turret. It deals Current % Hp damage. Does not work on Inhibitors or Nexus' (nexi?)
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