PBE Login Queue - Getting out of hand?

Captured with Lightshot
I think yesterday, or perhaps the day before, the login queue time was around an hour and 30 minutes. I thought I guess, "that's a reasonable time to wait for such a big gamemode that concerns so many people." but now, I don't even know how the login queue has gotten to this point. I have to wait 30 hours just to play the PBE, later to logout and have to do this all over again? At this point, players are camping out in the PBE server so that they don't have to relog into the PBE server. That's probably why the login queue time is so insanely high. And no, I didn't photoshop this, I just think this is really dumb. I was really hype to play some TFT with my friends on there, and guess what? We completely ditched it because the login queue is 30 hours!
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