[ Nexus Blitz ] Insane amount of Dark Harvest stacks bug.

**Seems** to be **fixed! **Woo! --- video showcasing the bug by Phu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7C8TLDaQvnE&ab_channel=Phu --- ~~I just played a game as Janna, and I didn't know It was happening until our Thresh started pointed it out in chat. Basically what happened was him, and enemy jg, Graves, were getting a crazy amount of Dark Harvest stacks off of jungle camps. Here's how many stacks enemy Graves managed to get during the game. It's pretty crazy. After the game ended, we came to conclusion that in order to recreate it, the second jungler has to last hit the camp for you. Currently testing It, will give more info after the game If we'll be able to recreate it, but here's what we got now:~~ --- ~~1. Queue up for Nexus Blitz~~ ~~2. Go any lane~~ ~~3. Take Dark Harvest, play any champion.~~ ~~4. Have person who doesn't need stacks last hit the camp~~ ~~5. Have *everyone but the person who last hit it* get ~180DH stacks per JG camp, as long as they have it. They can even be members of enemy team, there will be stacks for them as long as they were nearby~~ ---- ~~thats how u do it, pretty easy and game breaking.. Please disable it~~ ~~edit: EVERYONE but the person who last hits it gets the stacks as long as they have Dark Harvest. It's recreateable 100% of the time. ~~ ~~edit2: Thanks Yeeeee for testing It out in a custom game with me, It's for sure only happening on Nexus Blitz!~~ ~~edit3: rewritten step 5, to hopefully make it more clear? sorry If It's still confusing~~ ~~edit4: made clear the stacks go to everyone (but the person who last hits the camp) who was nearby. You can be from enemy team, or even a lane, but as long as you have DH they'll drop from you If you're in range~~
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