[God King Garen] - Voice lines/sound bugs

Two bugs with his voice lines, both when interacting with God King Darius 1. His taunt towards God King Darius will sometimes say two lines. 2. When killing God King Darius, Garen will say "Demacia!" in his normal voice. This is a special interaction between the two, but saying it in his normal voice sounds weird. Steps to reproduce: * Go into a game with God King Garen and an enemy God King Darius. * Stand near eachother, and taunt with Garen. You will sometimes hear two lines being played. * Kill God King Darius by any means, you will hear Garen say "Demacia!" with his normal voice There is also a sound bug, atleast that's what I think it is. When attacking a tower or cannon minion as God King Garen, you can sometimes hear a weird squeaking sound on a hit. Steps to reproduce: * Go into a game as God King Garen * Attack a tower or cannon minion. You will sometimes hear a squeaking sound.

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