Questions about item iteractions TFT

Hi! i write this post hoping some rioter or tft expert answers me some questions about TFT: 1, Do multiple SAME items stack in the same champion? Ex: 2 guinsos, 2 ie, 2 rabadons... 2, hurricane small atacks proc on hit efects? like glacial pasive, demon pasive, stack 3 times faster guinso,shrink item... 3, ludens eco deals splash dmg PER BOUNCE of brands ult? or every time u cast a new ult? 4, the dmg reflected by thornmail is ap or ad? 5, volibear ults says it deals on hit efects on everyone his sparks atack, does this means that if he has guinsos he stacks 5x5% atackspeed per aa? 6, how much dmg does the morelonomics (liandrys pasive) do? (YES, i know it does 2.5% per second, but HOW MANY seconds? is it forever?) Thanks for your time and sorry for my bad english i tried what i could with google traductor :D
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