Zoe's Ult against Blitzcrank's Q (grab)

Hello, I have recently purchased Zoe and started playing her in Summoner's Rift. One game, I came across a Blitzcrank support. At one time, Blitzcrank launched his grab (Q) and touched me at the same moment I activated my ult. The animation of the grab on me (Zoe) followed me to the new temporary location with my ult (zoe's ult making her appear for a few second at a chosen spot, the grab was still on me at this area) The bug was that the animation was there, but when I (zoe) re-appeared to my previous location where i launched my ult, the grab of Blitzcrank did not bring me back to him as it should. I don't know if this is fully a bug or a implement counter, but it seemed like a bug as the animation of the grab was still appearing. But if it is a bug, to resume, the Q spell (grab) of Blitzcrank does not bring Zoe to him if she Ults at the same time Thank you :)
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