Talon cutthroat issue and Smite visual bug

Talon: Occurs on: Updated Summoner's rift When using Talon's E (cutthroat) on the new model for baron nashor that is on the PBE talon is not placed behind baron's model. Unsure if this counts as a bug or not, but it makes dodging baron damage very troublesome and it also gives baron time to attack you while you can't attack him because you are stuck in his model. To recreate: 1. Pick Talon 2. Wait for baron to spawn 3. Use cutthroat on baron Smite Visual Bug: Occurs on: Updated Summoner's rift When testing both Talon and Zed with the new jungle items I noticed that the visual countdown timer for smite's cooldown will bug and the moving line will begin to flash across the screen. This is very distracting to play with, while it is only cosmetic it is still an issue. Unsure if this bug is specific to certain champions or not, will post on that after trying other champions.

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