[Summoners Rift] - [Katarina] - In game Level reset from 13 to 1

Body: Play a game and after 25 minutes my status was reseted and Lv fall down from 13 to 1 Repro Steps: 1. Choose Katarina 2. After 25 min all team have LAG. 3. Ziggs attack me and I have 0 life but I don't die. 4. Attempting to Reconnect 5. After reconnect I was base with 1+ death 6. Lag still there 7. I go Mid Lane to farm but I can't use skills and there I see cuz I have Lv1, 56 Attack damage, no AP, 0.66 Attack Speed, 0 Armor and 0 Magic Resist. 8. I exit game and I reconnect. 9. Lag still there but everything else was fine. 10. I look on scoreboard and I see 2 players from enemy team with Lv.1 but they should have Lv.3 + Thank You! Have a nice day!
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