[Buglist] Rek'sai patch

Ask for any repro steps and i will supply them. Feel free to post about bugs you find and i'll add them to the list. These are mainly for summoners Rift update **Gameplay** * Scuttle crab does not create speed pad after death * there is a psuedo bush top lane --> see SS * Champion can hide behind top red side towers, unforgettable. **Champion** * Rek'Sai's Eternum skin creates blue squares when activating Q * Rek'Sai's tunnel doesn't always build here he lands * Audio for Rek'Sai's recall keeps playing after you cancel recall * Rek'Sai has full vision while burrowed in dominion * rek'Sai's queen wrath can be activated 4 times instead of 3 * Trundle doesn't heal after killing dragon * "Varus" no longer shows up in chat after summoner name * Vi's vault breaker is cancelled by flash * Vi's ultimate is canceled by Elise cocoon ( possibly other cc too) * Thresh's souls are sometimes green * Kalista's crit animation slows her ability to dash **Other** * Rek'Sai's Burrow/unborrow does not properly show up in champion tab * invisible bug
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