[Jhin] Temporary unlocking his attack speed limit (Lethal Tempo)

Lethal Tempo on Jhin have some bugged interactions on him (yet not gamebreaking bugs). If you trigger Lethal Tempo, when it finish its effects, it'll add the Lethal Tempo attack speed bonus on Jhin's attack speed, unlocking its limir momentary (almost less for a second). Steps: 1) Lethal Tempo on Jhin 2) Be level 18 in-game (Jhin's atack speed will be locked at 0.94) 3) Attack an enemy champion and trigger Lethal Tempo 4) Let Lethal Tempo effects wear off 5) At the moment Lethal Tempo effects dissapear, the Lethal Tempo's attack speed will be added on Jhin briefly (unlocking its attack speed limit from 0.94 to 1.69, almost less than a second). Image Link: https://imgur.com/YMf9jQJ

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