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what is the point of playing this game, if it doesn't matter what you do, and luck will win you the game. 3 champs more. and still losing. as you can see, i had a comp. great a deck for people? so you can chooce where you wanna go for the rest is about luck. this system where you have no cleu what to build has created on luck is not worth your time people :) unless you like to gamble and don't care about your rank. btw i played over 90 games now from the start. carried my self out of iron elo to gold. now they chanced even more "Based on luck." so there is no tactics in it. chance it more plz. Btw : the stats of the champs "lay-out is look nice" what is the point if a lvl 1 has better stats than lvl 2 ? if im not mistaking (lvl1) {{champion:106}} compaired to (lvl 2){{champion:28}} for example: first game: i didn't go for ahri becasue i didn't had eny sorcers or wild. ( but i got 12 ahri's in totaal) didn't buy one. 2and game: i go for wild. i only get 2 warwicks 1 darius and no ather tank in the whole game. while i coudn't go for assasin because i only got 2 difrand once. ( or they where all lvl 1 while the whole room had all lvl 2 or higher. -.- 3th game: see photo. it's doen't make sence at all. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Great somethink like a card game. at the beginning you chooce where you wanna go for ( 5 options) out of that chooce you gan random cards. ( make counters to it,to make it more intersting.) like normal league is build as well ! keep it in the same idea . or begin just a whole new game, don't put in in league client. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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