When I created a custom game and click "Create Game", it said: --- Error You cannot create game 0nly 0ne's game because you are already in 0nly 0ne's game. --- What does that mean? I am not in 0nly 0ne's game and I am about to create one. This also happened when I wanted to play a ranked game. It said: --- Attempt to join in queue failed You will not be allowed to join the queue because you are currently assigned to an existing game. --- I don't know what that meant. The last time it didn't happen was when I joined a custom game. When he went to the loading screen, I quit spectating and then it started happening. I don't know if that was the problem or it just randomly happened out of the blue. Please fix this Riot. You really have many bugs in the PBE client. P.S.: This might be happening to me only, or this might be happening to everyone else.
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