Smite damage is displayed over the Icon-and-LoL freezes whilest escaping from Vilema with Tryn Ult

{{summoner:11}} Today it's about Smite on the PBE. When i tryed out the new Tryn Skin on the Twisted Treeline in a Custom Game i recodnized the Site displaying the number of its damage on the Icon itself. It was somehow useful but it looks really ugly, as you can see in the picture below. A minute later LoL freezed as i tryed to escape from the Vilemaw with my ult, but the Sound was still there. You can see the last recorded frame below. As there was no reaction to anything i had to shut own LoL via the Task amnager. To find the 1st Bug: 1. Create a (Custom) Game 2. Pick any Champ and take Smite with you 2. You will see the damage dealt by Smite displayed over the Smite icon. -Hope i could help. LegendCanis
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