I don't know what exactly caused this bug, so I will explain what happened step by step: - I was level 6, have a spatula on Shyvana who is on the board - midfight, I equip another spatula on the shyvana in order to get the +1 to champion size bonus. - Next round: still says 6/6, tried everything in my power to change it, including removing shyvana from the board, putting her back in, didn't change. - I deleted the shyvana, thus removing the item from the board, then my player count went down to 5/5 on LEVEL 6 Basically, removing the 2spatula item (forgot the name) from a champion on the board caused the maximum champion count to go down by 1, adding the item back then increased the max to 6 again, at level 6. (when it should've been 6/7 with the item)
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