[Critical Game Client Bug] Game stops responding/freezes every couple of minutes.

I'm so flustered just trying to type this, I'm so upset @.@ So, since this small little Heartseeker Ashe Splash patch, every time I try to play a game, every couple of minutes, I'll be unable to input commands, and every champion just stops. If I click around, my champion will continue to say VO lines, and minions will still be attacking. The game doesn't freeze, it just looks like it stops sending data back and forth from the server. I'm not sure if this has to do with the skin I was playing (Heartseeker Ashe) or if it's just my bad internet, but it only started happening after this little patch today (the day of me typing this, 2/5//14) I'm not really sure if this is a 100% reproducible bug, but here's what I did. * Make a Hexakill lobby and wait for everyone to join * Pick Ashe and Heartseeker Ashe * Play Yeah I know, but literally that's all I did. Other people in the game were also having the same issue. Can someone PLEASE at least acknowledge this? I don't get to play much anymore and this is really limiting. --- **EDIT 1** After some feedback from the comments, and some further testing on my own, this only seems to happen on Summoner's Rift, and apparently has no connection to HS Ashe. At least this narrows things down. I will put a kind of list here to show what I've tested, and where I've been able to confirm this bug. **EDIT 2** Done some more testing. So far, I've been able to confirm and reproduce this bug on SR, and CS. It also doesn't seem to correspond to any skin use, but I'll still post skins that I used, just in case. If anyone else comes up with a case, or something that I should test, please let me know, and I'll test it after my class tonight, I'll also credit your summoner name. I'll still update this list, too. **New Steps to Reproduce** * Get into a game on SR or Dominion * Pick any champion (The ones I've used for testing have been HS Ashe, Waterloo MF, Wicked LeBlanc, and Glaive Warrior Pantheon) * Load into game and observe as the bug takes place. Minions will attack each other, but will not deal damage. All champions will stop moving and attacking, but channeled abilities might still channel, though damage will not be shown. If you click around, you'll still hear your champion's VO. **EDIT 3** Summoner [The MacGyver](http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/player/PBE/The%20MacGyver) Noted that when the game freezes, gold income also freezes, but catches back up when you reconnect, or the game unfreezes. Summoner [dejion](http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/player/PBE/dejion) Also noted this: "The largest issue that occurs with this bug is that the entire game essentially 'stops', all champions, minions, pathing, everything. The interesting thing though is that cooldown timers, the game timer, and visual animations continue as if the game had not stopped. The game does not respond to any commands or anything of that sort though. I can still access my options screen, it does not seem to affect the performance of my computer, and I do not seem to be having any performance issues therein, it just seems to be random freezing every minute or so within the game." As of 5:42 EST, this bug seems to have vanished. Summoner [Kamisama Madoka](http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/player/PBE/Kamisama%20Madoka) and I have been able to confirm this. Please let me know if anyone encounters the bug again after 5:42 EST **EDIT 4** The bug seems to have returned, but I have not tested any more since 5:42 PM EST. Riot Feithen has posted and he/she has asked us to post our r3d logs. [Click here to jump to the comment for instructions on how.](http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/bugs/n7vYjpyI-critical-game-client-bug-game-stops-respondingfreezes-every-couple-of-minutes?comment=0014) I've attached mine to this post. Also, I won't be able to get to everyone, cuz I've got some other work to do, but thank you all for commenting, confirming, and offering up more details about this situation! I really appreciate it! --- **This bug is confirmed on:** * Summoner's Rift * The Crystal Scar **Things I have not tested yet:** * Nothing to test yet **Things I have tested, but have no effect:** * Howling Abyss * The TwistedTreeline * Heartseeker Ashe
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