Aatrox W visual bug - Preseason change required

Ill start with the bug. Whevener **_Aatrox_** becomes bigger from steraks/ally skill/potion the W sword effect remains normal, and doesn't adapt to how big you can be, which can be really confusing sometimes, because you cant see the W effect properly. --------------------------------------------------- Preseason thoughts for **_Aatrox_**. I feel like the stats buff wasn't enough, he's lacking AS/Armor for early game, even with the runes on level 1 i dont even reach 0.80 AS, the runes are amazing though, just an Aatrox base stat problem. ------------------------------------------------------ Also i'd suggest to buff bruisers & tanks base MR because i can feel the difference right now. ----------------------------------------------------- And sorry if i posted my preseason thoughts on bug section. ----------------------------------------------------- {{champion:266}}**_Arteriam_**{{champion:266}} {{sticker:sg-lulu}} Keep the good work Riot! I love the new runes.

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