Tower Aggro Bug - Bramble Vest and Thornmail Cause You to Receive Tower Aggro

As to my knowledge, Bramble Vest and Thornmail should not cause you to receive tower aggro, but perhaps this has changed recently and I missed it. If that did NOT change, however, then there is a bug. I have found myself being aggroed by the tower in several games when an enemy champion procs my bramble vest or thornmail. I am not wearing sunfire cloak or doing any damage to them other than the reflected damage of bramble vest/thorn. I am not 100% certain if I have been using it in every situation, but in the most recent instances I have been running the Demolish keystone. This has happened to me playing both Dr. Mundo and Nautilus, so I do not believe it is champion specific. Other than Demolish I was also running the Conditioning and Second Wind keystones in most, if not all, the instances it happened. Assuming the items themselves haven't been touched recently, I would suspect the issue lies somewhere in Demolish, since it is a tower related bug. Hope this helps and you can get a fix out there!! Sincerely A Dr. Mundo Main Edit: Just thought I'd add that I did end up doing some testing with the item against an intermediate bot in the practice tool. I took aggro regardless of having Demolish, Second Wind, or Conditioning.
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