[Nexus Blitz] Kalista's E not working Bug + Fiora's W no CDR Bug + more (Huge Bugs list)

We actually got 4 huge bugs in one game. idk if should I report them separately or in one post. First bug, me as Kalista: My E stacks stopped working randomly. I couldn't put any stacks by auto attacking minions or enemies for the entire game, But my Q stack was working fine (Only one stack tho) It was a broken game for me. I played her 5 time before in this mode never happened to me. Second bug, was Fiora: She got no CDR in her W, she kept spamming it. Third bug, was also Fiora: The middle Turret aggro laser was targeting her when she was out of Turret range. We could see her in FOW till the turret attacked a minion. (see the first few seconds of the YouTube video. or see this screenshot > ) https://imgur.com/a/J2WNJe2 Fourth bug, was Irelia's R stuck visually in the ground for the entire game. screenshot > (second pic) https://imgur.com/a/J2WNJe2 All these bugs was in one game* Here is a YouTube video (2:64): https://youtu.be/rhrAI7L5_xg I tried to show all these bugs in one video. (sry my editing skills is not that good) And Match History link: http://matchhistory.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/PBE1/118409811/2082455045630528 I think Riot should debug this game. Thanks for reading (& sry for my English, not a native speaker)

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