[Store] "Maximum number of runes reached," but says this even for runes I do not own

It has been a while since I logged on to the PBE (hard drive crashed and pain-in-the-butt ISP changes, so no fast or reliable internet to get the PBE client again), but I wanted to edit some rune pages before playing a game. I was missing some runes that I needed to use for a particular page, so I went to the store to purchase them. I got into the store and it said that I had reached the maximum number of runes for one I wanted. So, I went back to the rune pages and looked again, thinking that I missed them somehow. I didn't see them, so I went to the store again and it said the same thing - I had reached the maximum for that particular rune. I cleared the search and saw the check box next to "not owned" become active. It should have been showing me the runes that I didn't own, but ALL of the runes said I had reached to the maximum, even though I supposedly didn't own them. TL;DR - I cannot purchase any runes because the store is somehow bugged and telling me that I own them when I actually do not. Any help???
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