[Loot Tab] Blank Emote From Normal Hextech Chest

Hi ya'll! I discovered another bug today while opening some chests in the Loot tab. The blank emote specifically came out of a normal hextech chest, not one of the premium chests. Hovering over it revealed no name, neither did attempting to unlock it. When I tried to unlock it, the attempt failed, I was given the following error message: "REDEEM FAILED! You drop in a shard, expecting a magical (and totally scientific) transformation... but instead your shard pops back out. Please try restarting your client. If you continue to see this message please try again later; there may be issues with the service." I restarted the client twice, but it had no effect. I looked in my emote inventory to see if one of those emotes was bugged as blank, but none of those emotes were bugged. I checked the store, but none of the emotes that I had not purchased appeared bugged. So, I was unable to identify which emote it was by process of elimination. To Summarize: 1. Blank emote from a hextech chest, not a premium 2. Restarting client twice did not reveal emote or allow me to unlock emote 3. Checking my collection and store did not reveal emote 4. Pictures attached below showing the blank emote at all stages of discovery and attempted unlocking. https://imgur.com/Y28O4pC https://imgur.com/pSPC0Q7 https://imgur.com/Vwi9YLW https://imgur.com/GHwiHCE Hope this will help ya'll figure out what is going on. I was going to write this as a comment on one of the other threads, but I wasn't sure if I should do that anymore since they'd already been commented on by the PBE Boards account.
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