(TFT) Freljord Arena Unequipped Items are Stacking Improperly and Clipping Through the Ground/Snow

1. Equip Freljord Arena Skin. 2. Play a game and have multiple items that are unequipped. 3. Look at how they are stacking. Expected Result: Items will have their own places and not clip through each other or the ground. Actual Result: Items are blocked by each other and/or the environment. [Note the Glove partially underground, the belt blocked by the fire pillar and also clipping, and the highlighted item spot itself buried under a bit of snow.](http://puu.sh/EBoe2/3daa9852a7.JPG) [When the Recurve Bow is set back down, it very nearly blocks the entirety of the Glove.](http://puu.sh/EBodr/b040dc791e.JPG)
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