New Framecap options and under the hood changes

Hello PBE'rs! This is just a quick post to let you know that we're making some under-the-hood changes to Framecap settings. In 9.5, we added the 200 and 240 fps options to the list. For 9.6, we're porting folks over from Uncapped to 240 cap in a one-time migration. We're also setting the default framecap on a new install to 240fps. We're still leaving the Uncapped option available for those that want to use it. Why? We've found that many players experience spikey framerates when playing on Uncapped, but don't have the hardware necessary to actually see FPS above 240. We've done some testing internally and found that, for the vast majority of specs, capping at 240 will generally improve smoothness in the game without sacrificing average framerate. For those of you with omega-rigs (2080ti people I'm looking at you), you'll still be able to swap to Uncapped if you want those sweet FPS gains. Please let us know if you have any problems related to selecting your FPS in-game. Thanks! Known issues: If you previously had 240FPS selected as your FPS cap, your FPS field will display blank in the menu (you will still be capped at 240). If you attempt to change, you'll need to select a couple of different options to be able to confirm. After that, everything should work as expected.
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