Trying to enter a game as Arctic Ops Varus caused game to crash, forcing a re-install of the client.

Just as the Title says, I cannot connect to a game which just commenced. I chose varus and the new Arctic Ops skin and as soon as the counter reached zero for the game to start, I was greeted with a white window explaining I was missing some core files for LoL and opened up a Chrome window linking to ( Afterwards, the Client reappeared telling me to reconnect to the game, but each attempt also ends in a crash. When I restarted the client, it said that there are some errors in my installation and that it needs to try and fix the problems... I dont know how a skin could cause so much damage, but this definitely needs to be looked at! When I was in the lobby before the game started, another person in the queue said that it happened to their friend as well, so I know I'm not the only one experiencing this.
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