Im tired with this problem of disconnection, Rioter afic please help me

000000.000| ALWAYS| Logging started at 2018-05-21T22:28:59.523 000000.011| ALWA -
000079.186| ALWAYS| CFG| Command Line: " 5207 FC057jOrzwf2kLlCqpGd0g== 2173811946" "-PlayerID=2173811946" "-GameID=105520762" "-UseRads" "-EnableLNP=2-104019170-114019170" "-RiotClientPort=53129" "-RiotClientAuthToken=naWhJ3YRfnfzkLaBLrDFmQ"
After 4 post of this problem and 4 weeks of disconnection I still with this problem. Also,I cant communicate with this rioter. At least one rioter can answer this post? In this new post I put my new pastebin folder ( ) PD: Srry for being reiterative{{sticker:sg-soraka}} , i know that im not the only with this problem.
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