pbe game crashing error bug

hey guys, since the pyke release patch on pbe i have been having this weird crash bug in the middle of the match i just disconnect and get to the reconnect screen but whenever i want to reconnect and the client launches i hear this weird Ding sound in the background of my desktop and when i check what it is there is this error that basicly tells me there is something wrong and denies me access back into the match. when i had this in the pyke patch for the first time i immediatly got disconnected every time but now with the aatrox patch my screen keeps freezing quite a few times first and then i disconnect to the reconnect screen and once again get the error which denies me access back into the game ;/ the error is as following: A Critical error has occurred and the process must be terminated. This is usually due to the result of incompatible third party software being installed on your machine. Please disable any overlay, streaming, or experience 'enhancement' software. Additionally, you may need to whitelist this application with your installed security software. If you need further assistance, please visit the support website for help. for the record i do not use any performance enhancement software or even run anything besides the game itself when playing league wether that may be on the live server or pbe. neither do i have anything installed that may cause this kind of crashing of the game. if there are people who know this issue and know how to solve it please let me know because i dont know what to do about it myself and the error is not helpfull at all since it doesnt tell me what i can do to solve it on my own.

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